FedEx Address Book

Create shipments more quickly. And with more certainty.

With the FedEx Address Book, you can store up to 2,500 addresses in your personal address book. This way, you can simply click where your package is going — instead of entering all the info every time you ship. You’ll prevent entry errors, and with an address checker as well, you can avoid undeliverable shipments, delays or address correction charges. Best of all, it’s free.

Address your need for ease and speed

Large capacity
Save up to 2,500 as recipient, senders and brokers to your personal address book.

Address checker
Verify that the addresses are correct before you ship.

Site-wide access
From shipping, pickup, rates and transit times and more.

Mobile access
Access your address book from a cell phone or PDA.

Custom views
Search, sort and choose to hide or display columns.

Import addresses
Select from 17 file types, including files from DHL and UPS.

Import file mapping
Easily align your data fields with ours.

Import/export history
See your activity for the past 90 days.

Send the same package type to multiple recipients.

Administrative control
Allow other users to share, add and edit addresses from the Central Address Book

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Top tips for Address Book

Prevent undeliverable shipments.
You can choose to have every address verified before you ship, as well as have all of your addresses checked automatically on a regular schedule that you decide. Just log in and click the Customize tab.
  Ship in just two steps. 
If you send the same type of package to the same recipient multiple times, you can use the Address Book to create Shipment Profiles. Then you can simply select the Shipment Profile to auto-fill your label, click Ship and print your label.
Go to My Lists to get started. 
To get started with the Address Book, click the My Lists tab on your shipping screen. Select Address Book and you’ll go straight to managing your addresses. You can also access your Address Book under the Ship and Manage tabs at the top of every page.
  Prevent duplicate or conflicting entries. 
Click the Import/Export History tab to see all your activity for the last 90 days.
Import your FedEx® Ship Manager address book. 
If you’ve been using FedEx Ship Manager Software, you’ll be glad to know you can import your address book into For step-by-step instructions, click here.

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Latest Address Book is the most streamlined ever

Thanks to recent updates, FedEx Address Book is more intuitive, more customizable and more accessible than ever before. New features include an import mapping tool, more display options and more acceptable file formats — all to help you ship more quickly and more easily.