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Eficient business.

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A billing solution designed to help you do business better.

Give yourself the insight and control you need, when you need it, with FedEx® Billing Online. This powerful online billing solution provides total transparency and control, meaning you not only know what went where and how much it cost, but also have the ability to dispute charges, download your invoice data, and make payments. It doesn’t matter if you handle 1,000 shipments a day or 10; FedEx Billing Online is an asset for every business.

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Faster Visibility

  • Get an up-to-date view of all your open invoices, as well as visibility to closed invoices for 180 days after the payment date.
  • Get an exact copy of the paper invoice in digital form.
  • View invoice information for multiple accounts with one login.
  • View shipment charges at invoice level, shipment-detail level, or both.
  • View your Duty and Tax invoices.
  • Plus, receive automatic email notifications for your invoice transactions.

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Print it only when you need it

  • Does your business still rely on paper invoices? No problem. With FedEx Billing Online you can print the invoices you need. No hassle. No clutter.
  • By going paperless, you can also reduce your carbon footprint.

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Greater Control

  • Search, download, print and save invoices in a variety of formats.
  • Reconcile invoices, dispute shipment charges and request adjustments, right from your desktop.
  • Pay open invoices online.
  • Assign privileges to multiple users.

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The power of digital security

  • FedEx Billing Online is a password-protected secure site.
  • Download your digital invoices and store them on an external hard drive, a CD or DVD, your company’s cloud server — wherever.
  • When invoices are digital, creating a backup is fast and simple and does not require extra physical space.

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